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1. What is DMA (Direct Memory Access)?

DMA stands for Direct Memory Access. It is a feature of computer systems that allows peripherals (such as input/output devices) to access the system's memory without the involvement of the central processing unit (CPU). DMA enhances the efficiency of data transfers between peripherals and memory by bypassing the CPU, which can be engaged in other tasks.


2. What sets the 5th Generation apart from the 75T Generation?

While the 5th Generation excels in performance for specific use cases like laptop-to-laptop connections, the 75T Generation remains a robust and adaptable solution catering to a broader range of DMA needs.


3. Can you elaborate on the speeds of the 5th Generation?

Absolutely! The 5th Generation can achieve read speeds surpassing 10,000, ensuring lightning-fast data transfer and connectivity. This speed is ideal for users who demand the highest performance for their DMA needs.

4. What is the significance of the Artix-7 75T FPGA chip in the 75T Generation?

The Artix-7 75T FPGA chip in the 75T Generation of CaptainDMA is a micro-chip marvel, ensuring unparalleled versatility and adaptability for future computing demands. With speeds exceeding 600MB/s with the right computer specs, it delivers rapid and efficient data transfers while maintaining enhanced stability. This compact yet powerful chip is an innovation powerhouse, guaranteeing that your investment remains relevant in the ever-evolving world of computing. In essence, the Artix-7 75T FPGA chip represents a micro-chip revolution, setting new standards for DMA performance.


5. Where can I find more information or support from DMABAY?

For more detailed information or support, please contact our customer support team. We are dedicated to ensuring you have the best experience with your hardware.


6. Does DMABAY have any firmware warranties?

Yes of course! We offer a 2-month warranty service, meaning at any given time within a 2-month period, should anything happen to your firmware, we will warrant it FREE OF CHARGE!


7. Does DMABAY cover import taxes?
No, we do not, but the import taxes are not that expensive because of the declaration that we use.  


8. Where do you ship from?

We take the pride of having on-hand products in the USA to ship to you. If the product you want is not available to ship from the USA, we will ship from our partner in China.