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CaptainDMA - 3rd Generation (Squirrel Upgrade)

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Reliability is paramount, and the 3rd Generation CaptainDMA stands as a testament to durability. Rigorously tested and built with high-quality components, this hardware guarantees stability and longevity for all your DMA (Direct Memory Access) needs.

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Firmware Option

What You Will Receive

- DMA Board
- Firmware v2 (Preflashed)
- USB-C3.2 Gen 2 to USB-A Cable

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DMABAY - Your Source for DMA Hardware | 3rd Generation CaptainDMADMABAY - Your Source for DMA Hardware | 3rd Generation CaptainDMA
  • (Unmatched Efficiency)

    Seamlessly navigate and witness DMA transfer at its finest. The 3rd Generation CaptainDMA may be from the past, but its efficiency remains unmatched, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the perfect blend of reliability and performance.

  • (Standing The Test of Time)

    Don't let the term 'old' fool you – this classic marvel, the 3rd Generation CaptainDMA, continues to redefine the standards of direct memory access. In a world obsessed with the latest and greatest, here's a timeless gem that stands the test of time.

  • Upgrade to the 3rd Generation CaptainDMA – because classic never goes out of style, and excellence is timeless.

Product appearance may vary, but rest assured it's equipped with the incredible features mentioned above!