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CaptainDMA - 4.1ˢᵗ Generation

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Step into the sweet spot of performance with our 4.1ˢᵗ generation CaptainDMA hardware—an embodiment of excellence nestled between its predecessors. Better than the 3rd generation and a precursor to the 5th, this DMA card is the perfect blend of proven reliability and enhanced capabilities.

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Firmware Option

What You Will Receive

- DMA Board
- Firmware v2 (Preflashed)
- USB-C3.2 Gen 2 to USB-A Cable

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CaptainDMA - 4.1ˢᵗ GenerationCaptainDMA - 4.1ˢᵗ Generation
  • (Upgrade From 3rd Gen)

    The 4th generation CaptainDMA is a substantial upgrade from its predecessor, providing a tangible boost in performance for gamers seeking a reliable middle ground.

  • (Enhanced Connectivity)

    Speed meets efficiency! Enjoy swift DMA reads with speeds of up to 315MB/s. The 4th Generation ensures that your read and write processes are not just fast but optimized for a dynamic computing experience.

  • (2-in-1 USB-C Port)

    Embrace convenience with the 4th Generation's 2-in-1 USB-C port. Seamlessly handle both data transfer and JTAG functionality through a single port, streamlining your connections and reducing cable clutter.

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