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CaptainDMA - 5th Generation

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Meet the 5th Generation CaptainDMA – the ultimate solution for lightning-fast data transfer. Now connecting laptop to laptop or any other device is a breeze. Upgrade to seamless connectivity and experience the future with CaptainDMA's cutting-edge technology.

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Cable Option

What You Will Receive

- DMA Board
- Custom Firmware X (Preflashed)
- PCIe x1 or a M2 Extension Cable 
- USB-C3.2 Gen 2 to USB-A Cable

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DMABAY - Your Source for DMA Hardware | 5th Generation CaptainDMADMABAY - Your Source for DMA Hardware | 5th Generation CaptainDMA
  • (Newer, Better, Faster)

    Beyond the ordinary lies the 5th Generation, boasting an Artix-7 35T FPGA chip, setting a new standard with read speeds being able to soar past 10,000+. Witness a realm where data transfer isn't just fast; it's an immersive experience that synchronizes seamlessly with your computer's specifications.

  • (Multi-connectiity)

    Break free from conventional limitations. The included PCIe extender empowers you to seamlessly connect your laptop to another, opening doors to new DMA connectivity ways, lightning-fast data sharing, and efficiency. Or just connect the conventional way with Laptop -> PC OR PC -> PC.

  • (Lighting-fast speeds)

    Experience a level of efficiency that knows no bounds. The 5th Generation ensures a read/write speed of up to 350MB/s, delivering a powerful performance that caters to your data transfer needs with unparalleled swiftness.

  • (Hassle-free Installation)

    Effortless setup, maximum benefits. Our user-friendly design simplifies installation, ensuring that you spend less time on technicalities and more time enjoying the superior performance of the 5th generation CaptainDMA.

  • (Future-proof)

    Stay one step ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of game security challenges. CaptainDMA's 5th generation hardware is engineered to future-proof your security & its challenges.

  • (Optimized for All)

    Precision-engineered to harmonize with your computer's specifications, the 5th Generation goes beyond numerical upgrades. It's a meticulously crafted device that seamlessly integrates, amplifying your machine's capabilities with precision and finesse.

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