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CaptainDMA 75T

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Dive into a new era of DMA with the 75T, a powerhouse designed to redefine your expectations. Imagine a world where performance knows no bounds, where speed is measured in the extraordinary, and where your hardware is a catalyst for seamless memory access.

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Firmware Option

What You Will Receive

- DMA board
- Firmware X (pre-flashed)
- USB C to USB A 3.1 Cable

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DMABAY - Your Source for DMA Hardware | 75T Generation CaptainDMA DMABAY - Your Source for DMA Hardware | 75T Generation CaptainDMA
  • (Thunderbolt 4 Marvel)

    Experience read speeds that shatter barriers, reaching a mind-blowing 15,000+ with the right computer specs. Welcome to a realm where data transfer is not just fast but astonishingly swift.

  • (Artix-7 75T FPGA Chip)

    At the heart of this technological marvel has the Artix-7 75T FPGA chip. Your hardware adapts to your needs, ensuring a tailored experience that evolves with you.

  • (600 MB/s Over USB3.2)

    Connectivity redefined. With speeds of up to 600 MB/s over USB3.2, the 75T ensures that memory data moves at the speed of your thoughts. Whether you're running high-performant games, streaming with fuser, this hardware keeps pace with your demands.

  • (Innovation at Every Connection)

    Your connections should be as innovative as your ideas. The 75T transcends the ordinary, offering not just speed but a symphony of innovation with every connection. It's a gateway to a future where your hardware is as dynamic as your imagination.

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