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Mini DP Fuser

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[A Smaller But Still Mighty Version] Combining the display of the second PC to that of the main PC can prevent detections of screenshots. Useful for broadcasting/streaming live on YouTube, Twitch, etc.


DISCLAIMER: Radar and Gaming PC has to match resolution and refresh rate (Hz) for the fuser to work.

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What You Will Receive

- HDMI/DP Fuser
- x2 HDMI 2.1 Cable
- 12V/1.5A 5.5x2.1mm Power Cable

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DMABAY - Your Source for DMA Hardware | Mini DP Fuser CaptainDMADMABAY - Your Source for DMA Hardware | Mini DP Fuser CaptainDMA
  • (Versatility in Connectivity)

    Equipped with BOTH DisplayPort and HDMI outputs, the Mini Fuser is a versatile powerhouse. Whether your monitor requires DisplayPort or HDMI, this compact device has you covered. Seamlessly switch between outputs to suit your setup and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

  • (Impressive Specifications)

    Don't let its size fool you—the Mini Fuser packs a punch in terms of specifications. Revel in stunning visuals with support for 4k@60Hz, 2k@144Hz, and 1k@240Hz. The low latency of <3ms ensures that your actions are translated in real-time, enhancing the overall gaming and streaming experience.

  • Step into the world of seamless fusing and immersive gameplay with the Mini Fuser—an epitome of compact sophistication.

Product appearance may vary, but rest assured it's equipped with the incredible features mentioned above!